About the Blog

Welcome fellow carnival lovers!

My name is Alfie Taylor, and I hope you enjoy my blog! I am assuming if you are here, you love the Pudsey Carnival as much as I do! My love for the carnival began as a small child, as my parents would take me to the event every year. We would spend the day visiting all the wonderful and amazing attractions. Every year there was something different and just as fun as the year before! Of course, who could forget the Pudsey Carnival parade, that begins the whole event! Now that I am older, I can appreciate the carnival even more. The event really inspires a sense of community, and all proceeds go to a worthy charity.

On my website you will find all sorts of valuable information about the carnival. You will be able to find dates, times, event descriptions and locations, charity information and much, much more! I hope that you enjoy my website, and please come join in the celebration!